Okay so who wins the race? Facebook Analytics or Facebook Business Suite (FBS)? We’re going to make this easy for you because Facebook will be getting rid of Facebook Analytics and let FBS take over June 30 in 2021. It’s really up to you if you want to understand Facebook Analytics, but I’d say Facebook Business Suite should be the main priority.

So you’re posting. Now what? You’re probably going into Business Suite and asking yourself, “Is this all important? What do I need to look at?” That’s where Sandhill Media comes in. So, let’s dive in!

*If you haven’t set up your Facebook Business Page, then click here to get started*

Facebook Business Suite

Currently, if you go to your Facebook Analytics page you will see a “Business Suite” tab to the left. Click on it and it will take you to a separate tab.

Post & Stories

Staying within FBS, you should find a “Posts & Stories” tab on the left. You will use this tab often. This tab will show you which posts are performing the best. The coolest thing about this tab is you can create posts and schedule them. Schedule a post? What does that mean? It means after you have made the post you can pick a time and day for that post to run. In Sandhill’s previous article, I mentioned you need to research the best posting times for your business by posting frequently and at all hours. If you were hyperventilating about how to do that before, release that stress from your shoulders! If you haven’t read our previous article, go here to get up to date. The ability to schedule posts has become a blessing to every FBS user, and you should know about this secret too (it’s not really a secret!)

Facebook Business Page Tabs


The Ad tab on Business Suite allows you to run an ad of your choosing which is very beneficial but not absolutely necessary when first starting out on Facebook. When you decide it’s necessary, try running an ad through Facebook and see how it goes.

When you click on “Create Ad” you are given several options on how you want your ad to be effective. For example, you could be creating an ad to get more customers to your website and if so, you might click on the square “Get More Website Visitors”. After clicking, Facebook will give you a variety of options in what you want to be included in the Ad. You can put in a website URL, which is pretty important so when your customers click on the ad, it will actually take them somewhere for them to purchase. And you can choose how much you spend on your daily budget and for how long you’d like the ad to run. Currently if you choose to have a budget of $5 per day, then you will reach an estimated 606-1.8K people per day, which is pretty good! If you’d like to reach more than that, you would need a larger daily budget.


Going to the Insights tab you will find data trends on your posts and data on the audience you’re reaching. It’s important to visit this page frequently to know how your posts are fairing week to week. If your Facebook Reach decreased by 10%, it might’ve been because you posted less last week, but if your reach has been decreasing regularly it’s important to be aware of and to figure out the correlation. This page is also very useful because it reveals who your audience is. If you think your business is targeting 20–35-year-old females, this page will tell you if that is actually your target market and who you are consistently reaching. Pretty neat, isn’t it?


Well go ahead and start exploring Facebook Business Suite. It’s a very useful tool and Facebook has emphasized simplicity above all else. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and we’ll see if Sandhill Media Group can address it!