Demographic Targeting

What is Demographical Targeting?

Demographical Targeting is the process of serving advertisements to customers based off of the demographical data that is collected from online buying behaviors, sales transactions, Census Records, and many other factors. You can target specific audiences by age, ethincity, income level, gender, political leanings, and over 1300+ other demographic and pyschographic data variables.

What are the Benefits of Demographical Targeting?

Demographical Targeting is a poweful marketing tool that allows for the following benefits:

  • There is no need for a download of an app for this to work.
  • It can use an address list provided by the advertiser or we can curate a list of our own.
  • Cross Device Support where it can target all of the devices of a household.
  • Can target up to 1 million different Parcels (Coordinates of Addresses associated with a demographic or Pyschographic) based off of plat line data from propert Rax and Public Land Surverying information.
  • Allows for curated lists of the target demographic to be served ads for the clients business.
  • A Conversion metric known as an action; this is where we can see the results of your campaign and track walk ins to your place of business after having seen a digital banner ad.
  • Generates increase web traffic to websites
  • Allows advertisers to target audience demographics even if they don’t have a list of clients to target.
  • Demographic Data can be mixed with other data variables.
  • It Serves ads over 600,000+ Apps and millions of more websites.

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A quick demonstation of targeting Females between the Ages of 18-24 years of Age in Idaho Falls. ie a Hair Salon Wishing to target 18-24 year old females to add to their clientele.

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