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What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is the process of using GPS location data from cell phones to target customers based on the locations they frequent.


A virtual fence of at least three coordinates is places on a map.  Any cell phone that goes into the specified geofence will be considered capture for the next 30 days.  Once capture the device and any device it is linked too will start to display digital banner ads to that person.


We track the results of the geofencing campaign using a conversion metric called an “action”.  An “Action” is recorded each time a customer visits your business after seeing a digital banner ad.

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Campaign Types

Competitive Geofencing

Target people who visit your competitors’ business.

Vertical Geofencing

Target potential customers who visit places that generally come to you later.

Loyalty Geofencing

Target your own place of business to follow your customers.


  • The knowledge that your business’ advertising is in expert hands.
  • Acess to a monthly report of data & results.
  • Increased retention of current customers.
  • Increased flow of new customers.
  • Increased Traffic to your website
  • Data showing where your customers are coming from.

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