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Why Do I Need Social Media Management?

Social Media Marketing is a useful tool that allows us to reach out to all communities in Eastern Idaho.  We are able to broadcast all kinds of content, from advertising to entertainment.  Most importantly, we use social media to gauge interest and identify the ideal demographic for any project or business.


All we need from you is access to your accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and a budget for paid advertsing.  We will ensure your mission goals are being met (Brand Awareness, Engagement, Lead Generation, or Conversion).  Our team will identify the ideal audience and work directly with you to build strategy.  Once agreed upon, our team will create content to be posted to your accounts.

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Social Media Recommendations

Online Presence

Having more than one social media account for your business increases your reach and allows access to a wider audience.

Paid Advertising

Run paid ad campaigns through social media to target customers and uncover leads.

Content Creation

Focus your content on brand awareness, engagement, lead generations, and conversions.


  • Becoming front and center in the minds of your audience.
  • Able to identify and reach a target audience more quickly.
  • Any Business updates can be made quickly & easily.
  • Paid advertising is not always required.
  • Connect instantly with your audience
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Locally-owned and operated since 1979, Sandhill Media Group is Eastern Idaho's source for quality, experienced marketing. We’ve helped hundreds of local businesses through radio advertising, targeted digital ads, and social media marketing, – and we keep the community informed & entertained with high-value content.