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What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Marketing is a useful tool that allows us to reach out to all communities in Eastern Idaho. With our Social Media Managers, we are able to broadcast all sorts of content, from advertising to entertainment, the possibilities are endless! Through social media we can gauge interest and identify the ideal demographic for any project or business.

How does Social Media Management work?

  • We want to help manage your social media presence; allowing you to focus on your business. All we need from you is access to your social media accounts and a budget for any paid advertising.  We recommend between $24-$400 a month.
  • We will ensure your mission goals are met through discussions with you and your team; typical goals would include brand awareness, engagement, or lead generation.
  • Our team of Social Media Managers identifies the ideal audience for your business and works with you to build a strategy to amplify your social media presence.
  • Once a strategy is agreed upon, a Social Media Manager will begin to create content that can be posted to your business’s various social media profiles.
  • As more content is produced and posted online your followers in the community will grow, increasing awareness of your business.

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What are the Key Benefits of Social Media Management?

  • You are allowed a huge amount of freedom in terms of content that is posted online.
  • Paid advertising is not necessarily required.
  • Get your brand to become top of mind.
  • Connect with your audience
  • Changes and updates to your online presence can be made quickly.
  • With the popularity of social media, your content can reach a large audience quickly.
  • A target audience can be identified easily.

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